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Drug Addiction spoils your daily life and family...
We are there for you to help ...
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Alcohol abuse
spoils life & Family...
It will make you suffer both physically & mentally ...
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We give you therapeutic support
It will guide you to find a new way of life...
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Avail the actual way treatment

Freely Enjoy Life Without The Use of Drugs and Alcohol


Neer Foundation has a team of counsellors who have the proper experience in psychology and special interest and training in abnormal psychology to counsel the residents.


Addiction is a critical form of disease. It is a primary and chronic disease of brain reward, Above all it creates obsessive, compulsive disorder.


We follow the RECOVERY model which has been agreed and accepted all over the world and is followed accordingly at Neer Foundation.


Years of Experience in handling treatment facility

We are honestly striving to support you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

What we offer

We heal with the latest methodical treatment pattern

Treatment Facility

Management of chemical dependency is a complex issue which has to be handled by professionals specialized in various discipline...

Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits...

Cleint List

Our gratitude to all those ex- clients who started their journey of recovery from Prayas Centre. Though Addiction/ Alcoholism is a disease...

Welcome to Neer Foundatin, Howrah

The most realistic rehabilation treatment that you can imagine.

The city of Howrah and it’s outskirts has a tangible problem of drug abuse, affecting largely the economically weak. The labor class and migrants from other states are hugely affected with drug addiction. The average class or students are equally affected as we have seen that even children are using drugs and consuming alcohol during there school days. College premises have become safe places to support these sort of using, day after day. The government or the administration have shown very less interest to fight with this situation. But we at Neer Foundation are seriously working with suffering addicts and alcoholics and keeping in touch with their families to cope with this problem.

Consequently, HIV is very prone with  the drug-using population and is already a matter of growing concern. Substances like, Brown sugar, Tidigesic, Spasmo Proxyvon, Avil, Morphine etc. are some of the commonly used drugs. Today there are thousands of affected street children, daily labors and rag pickers. They spend their entire earning on drugs or alcohol and become prone to committing crimes like theft, shoplifting, snatching and armed robbery. We keep contact with the local administration and organize camps to acquire these effected people and provide support, as and when possible within our reach.

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    Happy that my son has come back and leading a good life. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
    Mr. Ghatak
    Very pleased with your staff and treatment facility. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
    Mrs. Guha Roy
    Birati, West Bengal
    I pray to God that you all stay well as you have done this good thing for me. My son is in recovery now.
    Mr. Samanta
    Behala, Kolkata